Our Lower Mainland Frontline Staff

Our frontline team members have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to help keep our company in motion. These are the ABC team members who are showing up every day and connecting face-to-face with our customers. Here are some of their stories:

Paul Payne


Paul is our Yard Supervisor in Surrey. He manages the warehouse and helps coordinate the daily yard work.

“When COVID-19 started, I didn’t think much of it until rules and regulations started to be put in place. Being on the front line and working with staff and customers has made it more clear that people need to be cleaner to avoid spreading germs, and maintain physical distancing.”


 Manni Sekhon


Manni started off as our security guard in Surrey and has joined our team as our Scale Operator.

“During this pandemic, I have been a full-time scale operator during regular business hours. I feel honored to provide excellent service to clients and be able to still assist them during this difficult time. It is not only hard for us, but also hard for them. Working together and facing our fears together has made us all stand strong.


Mohan Jassi


Mohan is our scale operator in Burnaby.

“I deal with customers; I weigh the loads, I send emails, I give customers papers, and I receive them too. However, since the start of the pandemic, I haven’t been touching any papers that come into contact with customers. Instead, I take a picture of the papers from customers and then I print them. It has been a scary and difficult time during the pandemic but our company has been doing a great job in taking the necessary precautionary measures such as providing hand sanitizers, only allowing customers in one at a time, and practicing social distancing. The best thing is that everyone is using precautions at work. Even before I start my shift I wipe the keyboard, pen, sliding door and nobs, and counter. Not only for the safety of myself but others as well, and so far at work, we are all safe.”


Delano Low Kontou


Delano is from our non-ferrous warehouse team in Burnaby. He receives, grades and weighs material brought in by customers. He organizes and upgrades material as well as helps out throughout the yard as needed.

“As a warehouse employee, I am in close proximity to the drivers and customers that bring in material daily. During this pandemic, I feared that I was at a high risk of getting Covid-19 because I did not know where these customers have been, who they might have come in contact with, combined with the number of people I am in contact with daily. One positive outcome is that with more time spent at home, I was able to teach myself how to cook.”


These stories by our staff inspire us to do our best during these trying times. We hope you stay safe!


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