Northern Region Frontline Staff

This week we are sharing stories from some of our Northern region frontline staff. These are the ABC team members who are showing up every day and connecting face-to-face with our customers.  Our frontline team members have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to help keep our company in motion.


Sherry Collington

Sherry is our  Scale Operator and Office Administrator in Fort St John.

“I’m probably one of the only people in my family who had to work during this pandemic. I couldn’t go to visit them in order to keep them safe. I’m one of those people who spend time with my family once a week.

Charlene Smith

Charlene is our Scale Operator/Administrator in Grande Prairie. She greets the customers as they come in, provides direction on where to take their products, and ensures they are informed of our protocols and safe product procedures. She takes care of customer payments and makes sure all paperwork is in order. She shares:

“Throughout this experience, I have been very impressed with people as they come in. I’d say 80% of people are respectful, use hand sanitizer and maintain proper distance. I haven’t had any complaints from anyone, and most people have been cooperative.”

Jennifer Jenniss

Jennifer is our Scale Operator/Administrator in Terrace. She answers the phone, codes and processes invoices, issues cheques to customers, releases out-going inventory, and receives incoming inventory.

“People don’t necessarily read the signs or obey them. I just stop them at the door and let them know they can’t come in and continue talking through the doorway. The only thing that has affected me during this pandemic is trying to home school my kids, while working two jobs.”

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