Unacceptable Materials

Non-Recyclable Materials

  • asphalt
  • concrete
  • debris
  • dirt
  • plastics
  • trash
  • wood waste
  • garbage
  • glass,
  • rubber or any other non-metallic materials.

Hazardous Liquids

  • gasoline & diesel fuel
  • motor oil
  • hydraulic fluids
  • anti-freeze
  • pesticides
  • oil
  • paint
  • PCB oils or containing items such as ballasts, transformers, fluorescent lighting or capacitors.

Radioactive Materials of any type

  • military scrap
  • medical scrap
  • flammable or combustible materials of any kind
  • non-hazardous liquids, including water
  • chemicals or poisons in solid, powder, liquid, or gaseous form (e.g., fertilizers)
  • Ammunition (ordnances) or explosives of any kind, unless managements approval in place.
  • Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials, such as insulation from pipes, wiring, tanks or other industrial materials, gaskets or siding/surface materials.
  • Mercury-containing lights or related fixtures.

Compressed Cylinder

  • Compressed Cylinders that are not open to atmosphere and verified to be safe MUST be rejected as per the updated Compressed Cylinder Policy.
  • Compressed Fuel Automobiles – Any vehicle with attached compressed fuel systems (propane or natural gas) must have the systems decommissioned & confirmed to be empty.
  • Paint inside cans or spray cans

Should you have any questions regarding your materials please don’t hesitate to contact your ABC Representatives for further clarification.