Indigenous Relations

On behalf of ABC Recycling, I am pleased to share our commitment towards strengthening our relationships with Indigenous Peoples where we live and operate.  We recognize and acknowledge the inherent rights of First Nations,  Métis, and Inuit Peoples in Canada and are committed to building a path towards reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Our company understands we have an obligation and opportunity as Canadians to educate our management and staff about the history of Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the resulting long-term impacts of colonization. We are dedicated to doing our part to make meaningful change and collectively contributing to reconciliation while creating space for the truth to be shared.

ABC Recycling understands we can play a role towards economic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. We commit to allocating the resources towards community investment, environmental solutions and cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

We are all in this together, and I am proud of our Indigenous Peoples Commitment Policy; we look forward to building a better path together with Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

David Yochlowitz, CEO